How to Pass the PMP® Exam Without Memorizing Everything
(Even If You've Failed It Before)

Eric O. Isom, PMP 

Author of PM Ready™, the PMP® Exam Prep Course for IT Professionals and The BIGGER, BETTER Earned Value PMP® Exam Prep Book
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This webinar answers the top questions that PMP candidates have about the PMP exam:
• How am I going to remember all those ITTOs?
• Which math formulas do I need to know?
• How will I remember the exact wording of definitions?
• What’s the best way to answer Situational Questions?
• How much should I study each day? Each week?
• How many months will it take?
• How can I finish the exam without running out of time?
• How do I bounce back after failing the exam?
• How long should I study before taking the exam again?
In this webinar, I share with you my best strategies for preparing for the PMP exam!
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