Earned Value for the PMP® Exam
For IT Professionals
Earned Value is NOT earned value!
  • It's not the value you've earned.
  • ​It's not the value of what's been done.
  • ​It's not what it has cost.
  • ​It's not the value to the organization.
  • ​It's not what you can sell something for.
  • ​It's not sales, income, revenue, or profit.
It's More Than Just Formulas
  • Understanding:  Before you worry about the math, you need to understand what Earned Value is and why it's so valuable.
  • Math:  Learning the math isn't so hard.  After all, it's just simple arithmetic.  The concepts are what trip people up.
  • Application:  Then you need to learn how to apply the formulas properly - including learning the tricky parts.
The Complete Course on Earned Value for the PMP® Exam

Lesson #1: The Basics

Objective, Purpose, and Value of Earned Value Analysis
Terms & Variables: Planned Value (PV), Earned Value (EV), Actual Cost (AC)
​Basic Earned Value Chart
​Cost Variance (CV), Schedule Variance (SV)
​Cost Performance Index (CPI), Schedule Performance Index (SPI)
​Earned Schedule (ES), SV(t), SPI(t)

Lesson #2: Interpreting Results

Interpreting Values of CV, SV, CPI, SPI
​Comparing EV to PV
​Comparing EV to AC
​Comparing ES to AT
​Understanding Tricky Questions
​Reading Earned Value Charts

Lesson #3: Forecasting

Forecasting Terms
Forecasting Approaches
Selecting the Appropriate Forecasting Formula

Lesson #4: Getting Back on Track, Earned Schedule, Review

Getting Back on Track
​To Complete Performance Index (TCPI)
​At the Start and End of a Project
​Math Loophole with SV & SPI & Closing the Loophole with Earned Schedule (ES)
​Review of Earned Value Analysis Variables, Definitions, and Formulas
​Quizzes Intermingled
​List of Resources for Further Reading

The PMP® Exam Simulator

100 sample Earned Value questions
Including the 30 quiz questions from the lessons
Plus another 70 questions on Earned Value

Bonus: The Earned Value Book

All of the content of the lessons and practice questions in book format (250 pages)

Download the PDF of the book for Free
Buy the Paperback or Kindle version at Amazon.com
Here's What You Get...
  • ​Four 20-minute video lessons with quizzes ($19 value)
  • ​Exam Simulator with 100 practice questions ($14 value)
  • ​PDF of the 250-page Earned Value book ($7 value)
  • ​Sold Separately = $40
  • ​Bundled Price = $40 $19
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