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Are You Less Than Impressed With the Online Groups?

Are you frustrated with how long it takes to get the answers you need to be ready for the PMP® exam?

Are you disappointed with the poor quality of answers you get on both public and private groups?

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Are you done wasting your time searching for answers?

Would you like to get the answers you need for much less than you'd expect?
How Does It Work?
  • Ask me up to 5 questions per week.  Go ahead.  Give me the tough ones.
  • I'll provide detailed answers, explanations, and references (usually by the next business day).
  • You pay only $36 per week - even if it takes me hours to answer your questions!
We Both Win!
It's more convenient for both of us.  We don't have to coordinate our busy schedules to meet at a specific time that works for both of us.  You get to ask questions anytime during the week that's convenient for you.  And I get to answer them anytime during the next business day.

You get quality answers for a bargain so that you're ready for the PMP® exam.  I get to earn a little money to help support my family.
You Get the First Week for FREE!
That's right.  A free trial.  Just so you can try it out risk free.  Cancel anytime.

Why Not Give It A Try?
Here's What You Get...
  • Detailed Answers to up to 5 Questions per Week
  • ​Estimated Value = $111 / week
  • ​Actual Price =  only $36 / week (67% Discount)
  • And the first week is FREE!
First Week for Free, then just $36 per Week
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